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Rick Genest by Joey L.

Artist’s Statement: The main image was inspired by a classic image created by Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman called In Voluptate Mors. We chose to create a similar image with Zombie Boy because the visual portrayal of the skull goes along with the theme of the tattoo artwork decorating his “human canvas”. The women in the photographs are also covered in real tattoos, and were cast based on their position in the skull. In the actual magazine cover, you’ll notice the girls are wearing underwear.

When creating these images, another reference I took from classic artwork was the “memento mori“. You may notice a skull hidden in the corner of some of the images. Many of the early painters who inspire my work implemented this type of symbolism in their own paintings. By placing a skull or another object hidden in the image, the artist is reminding the viewer to be mindful of their mortality. Literally translated, Memento mori means “remember your mortality.” I wanted to utilize this in my own images because you often hear people talking about the permanence of tattoos in a negative context. Bringing this extra skull into the image was my reminder that, like the rest of our bodies, the tattoos will fade.

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this is so specific i love it 


this is so specific i love it 

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